Development Strategy


Focusing on the three core businesses

Guided by market demand, driven by technological innovation and supported by digital transformation, Genertec focuses on the coordinated development of the three main businesses to build itself a world-class and high-end machine tool equipment manufacturer, a world-class medical and healthcare service group, and a competitive global player. Genertec is committed to building itself a company supported by characteristics - innovation, green growth, cutting-edge technologies, healthcare and internationalization.

Advanced manufacturing and technical services

By selecting the manufacturing businesses of high-end machine tool equipment and new materials, and inspection, testing and certification as key growth areas, Genertec strengthens technological innovation, promotes the upgrading of traditional industries and boosts strategic emerging industries, as well as demonstrates the industrial value of its products to highlight Genertec’s technology advantage.

Medical and healthcare

By accelerating the pace of innovation and development, Genertec takes medical care as the core to build a large health ecosystem such as medicine, medical equipment, health management, rehabilitation treatment and healthcare. Genertec is committed to improving national health service and people’s wellbeing via its efforts in healthcare service.

Trade and engineering services

By giving full play to traditional advantages, innovative business models, mature business structure, integrated service capabilities, improved market layout and resource integration, Genertec is committed to adopting an integrated engineering service model that integrates planning, investment, construction and operation to build itself an international company.

Building five characteristics

Guided by the new development concept, Genertec lets innovation become the first driving force to push its pillar businesses to become stronger, better and bigger.

Based on the concept of green development, Genertec vigorously promotes the harmonious development between human society and environment, and makes green growth as its core business and a symbol of high-quality development.

Focused on the three core businesses - advanced manufacturing and technical services, medical and healthcare, trade and engineering services, Genertec effectively enhances the core strengths, industry influence and international competitiveness in these fields, as these efforts can support its brand value in technology, healthcare and internationalization.