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Clarification Statement


Recently, our group has monitored the news of U.S. sanctions against "China General Technology Co., Ltd." on the Internet. After verification, the name of the company included in the U.S. sanctions list is "General Technology Limited", which is similar to the English name of our group and some online media mistranslated it as "China General Technology Co.,Ltd." in Chinese when they reproduced the news and caused confusion among the public.

According to the articles of association filed with the State Market Supervision and Administration Department, the English name of our group is "China General Technology (Group) Holding Co.,Ltd.” or “GENERTEC" for short. Among our subsidiaries, there is no company that uses "General Technology Limited" as its English name. We would like to ask the public to be aware of the difference.

Hereby declare.

China General Technology (Group) Holding Co., Ltd.

                                                                                                                                 October 21, 2023