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Genertec showcases key achievements in promoting building of comprehensive health ecosystem at first China International Supply Chain Expo


On the first China International Supply Chain Expo, which kicked off on Nov. 28, Genertec has put on display new technologies, new products, and new services in the exhibition area dedicated to supply chains concerning healthy living at the the exhibits, covering such fields as pharmaceuticals, medical services, health management, and elderly care.

Highlighting the theme of "building a people-centered ecosystem of comprehensive health care services featuring all business forms, all-round services, and services covering people's entire life cycle," Genertec's exhibits offered a glimpse into the new ecosystem of a complete comprehensive health industrial chain encompassing every stage of people's life cycle.

Star medicines, health supplements

More than 30 types of Genertec's well-known medicines and health supplements have been exhibited at the expo, including prescription medicine Nicorandil, which ranks second nationally in sales, as well as health supplements including sea cucumbers and edible bird's nests.

Genertec's health supplements have attracted wide attention at the expo. By tapping into its supply chain of pharmaceuticals, the group guarantees high quality of its products for health improvement.

Advanced medical solutions and technologies

Boasting extensive and rich medical resources that cover various scenarios across multiple fields, Genertec has showcased many advanced medical solutions and technologies at the expo.

Genertec's solution for autism encompasses the whole-process management of services for individuals with autism, from prevention and screening to diagnosis and treatment for the condition. The solution also includes individualized scientific assessment, detailed treatment plan, training, and public-interest lectures for families.

The group's remote electrocardiogram (ECG) center is a platform empowered by the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It can monitor people's heart condition, automatically alert doctors of irregular activities and ensure "green channel" services for patients.

Patients at high risk for myocardial infarction can have their monitoring data automatically uploaded on to the platform through a wearable ECG device. When a patient's indicator exceeds a threshold, the platform automatically gives an alert so that the emergency treatment procedure can be started immediately.

With the help of AI, virtual reality (VR) technology, as well as other advanced technologies and equipment, Genertec can conduct fast assessment of an individual's cognitive ability based on his or her eye movements, so as to screen for Alzheimer's disease (AD) and then create individualized plans for treatment.   

Health management solutions

Genertec's Deep Sleep Cabin, a sleep-inducing solution utilizing globally advanced self-developed core technologies concerning charged particle NAI chips (modules) and charged particle wave tuning modules, is designed to alleviate sub-health issues including sleep disorders caused by excessive stress.

Genertec's Digital Fitness Prescription System, developed based on traditional Chinese martial arts and theories of traditional Chinese medicine, can leverage dynamic video recognition technology to collect information about people's physical activities and conduct analysis of the information.

Genertec's "Healthcare at Home" platform connects users to integrated medical and home care services, medicines, equipment, goods, insurance services, as well as other medical resources, providing house calls performed by professionals.

Genertec Clinic, the group's chain clinic brand, is able to provide users with diversified services across various scenarios, including health examination, chronic disease management, and medical services.

Genertec's all-in-one health examination machine can detect 14 health indicators, automatically upload monitoring results on to an online platform, and keep health records for patients.

Facilities, services designed for the elderly

Genertec endeavors to develop AI-empowered elderly care facilities and services.

It has developed all-in-one portable devices that can quickly measure health indicators and upload data on to a smart elderly care system; launched such products as electronic fence and fall prevention devices that can minimize the possibility of relevant risks; and carried out thoughtful elderly friendly renovations and promoted assistive devices to ensure a decent quality of life for seniors.   

In addition, Genertec has also launched health-oriented tourism products for the elderly. Seniors who have bought Genertec's sojourn card can enjoy a high-quality, carefree, and healthy sojourn life in Genertec's elderly care service centers in multiple cities across China, including Qingdao, Lushan, and Lijiang.